“As a past student of mine Anne understands the importance of classic horsemanship. Her years
of experience breeding, raising,and training give her the insights she has with how form affects function. Anne truly comes from the old school of natural horsemanship. She has successfully passed this along in turn to her students and has the ability to share it with you.I recommend trying her video review."

Great year round gift for a friend that loves horses. 

Tailored to meet your needs .
Valuable for the rider who is working alone. 

Do you ever leave the show ring wondering why you did not pin higher ?

Are you in need of a change?

 Send a video of a lesson or a ride in the show ring. I will give you an analysis of what I see and what you can work on to enhance your performance. See Dress Rehearsal for fun alternatives.        


George H. Morris
Chef d’ equipe
The past comes together.
Past student of mine Laura Kent Kraut and coach George Morris 
both USA Olympians.
The quality jumping form that these horses and ponies exhibit is the direct result of being allowed to work properly through their bodies. They are all straight thus the square knees. Also,because they work off their hocks and use their head and neck, they can come through their backs and jump around the jump.

Video Review  

Whether you ride for pleasure or competition.I offer a unique service of a video review and can give you an analysis of what I see and suggestions to improve the performance.I know quality and the details necessary to achieve the goal of you and your horse being the best you can be.

 Danielle Lennon (Fla.) I really appreciate your insight, it has been so useful. I feel the service you provide is an excellent resource, benefited me greatly and I'm looking forward to getting you another video and feedback.  I think this format would be a welcome addition to any riding/training situation. 
Months later I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle and working with her and her adorable 4yr.old appendix mare. She shared: It was such a pleasure to meet you and privilege to ride with you.  We learned so much in such a short period of time!  It is truly the most unique and thought provoking experience I've ever had with horses :) I would like to add that there is such an amazing sense of confidence gained from riding with you, even for a confident rider.The ability to control a horse's movement, both direction and speed, with minimal cues/aids and with the horse as a willing partner is really incredible.  For me, that type of synergy with a horse is the ultimate confidence. 

About Danielle: I have been around horses all my life, showing A circuit since 1978, I was in pony club for a few years, love to fox hunt and trail ride, I've even chased after cows and raced around a barrel or two ;)   I've ridden with good and not so good trainers.  I've ridden some great and not so great horses. I really have learned valuable things from all of them.   

In January of 2012 this video analysis received a large viewing and stirred up some great discussion on COTH. What I wish to share is that this young rider rode in what I call a ski position (foot ahead of the girth) holding her horse's head (improper contact).He worked  on nervous energy. If you are sitting on a horse that is hot,quick,nervous or coming back from an injury the slow footed work is a must.
  We are all creatures of habit .We must wear new grooves in the brain to change habits.