I have over 45 years experience in the horse industry. As a partner in Hunter Hill Farm,Inc. I have been involved in all aspects of the show industry. At the first facility in Cumming,Ga. for a decade we hosted 4 of the Atlanta areas USEF 'A' rated shows and 5 GHJA local shows yearly. During this time I also bred,raised and trained champion show hunters competing at both the state and national level. Horsemanship stressing partnership was taught and I had the pleasure of having Laura Kent Kraut (2008 Olympic Show Jumping team Gold Medal winner) and her sister and manager Mary Elizabeth Kent, Holly Hays Orlando ,one of  the leading hunter riders in the country and her sister Heather Hays as students. I know quality and am detail oriented. The next 18 years I spent on our farm in Gainesville,Ga. rehabilitating,
re-schooling, breeding,and training horses. I am a consultant, clinician (I support the American System for Forward Riding), a USEF 'R' judge and more importantly a nature and animal lover and horse sport enthusiast. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and assisting both horse and rider to be their best.


Conditioning and training are keys to optimimum performance.
This is Sammy's first ride. My forte is starting horses and reschooling to assist in gaining full potential . I believe in a background of stabilization and begin the education process with ground work and proper handling.
Teaching and horses are my passion. My clinics are about horsemanship stressing partnership.
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  I believe in teaching a functional working position for the rider that will allow non-interfering with the horse partner until secure enough to begin to ride on contact and learn the aids. I focus on creating quality by understanding how the athletic horse is supposed to work; in other words, use his body parts optimally. 
   Through the years I have read, studied and worked with great horsemen but to me, there is no teacher like the horse. From breeding horses, buying prospects, and rehabilitating injured horses, I have learned how to get a horse to meet his full potential.
   Riding can be a true art form with the ultimate goal to develop the natural talents of the horse. Through partnership and consistency this can happen and like with many such endeavors, one must first learn the proper basics because it is necessary to create a solid foundation upon which to build. For both the rider and horse, the pace of the turtle in basic training will let you go much farther more quickly later in your journey.

There are over 200 acupuncture points in the ear. Working the ears effect the horse's entire system.