Ghost 13.1 7/8, 6yr. welsh pony bred by Rowan Oaks Farm of Madison,Ga.
                owned and trained by Heather McCloud of Bristol,Tn.
                                        (423) 341-1781
        For sale ,great home a must. See ad with video on

  I am a person who loves fine things and especially a value.My favorite saddle to ride in is a Bruno Delgrange (French Saddle Company);high quality,great comfort and an excellent value. I usually will have a used saddle or two available.I have fun tack trading.It allows me to meet people and provide them with a great value and service.I sell on and plan to post here also.If I don't have it I can help you find it; send me an email with your needs.

I currently offer for sale:

2 new pairs of Delgrange leathers:one pair is 60.5" and the other 53.5" both have 22 holes that close together for precise adjustment.They were made in France of calf lined nylon so they remain supple but cannot stretch and are just under an inch wide.They are beautifully made and have brass buckles.Retail (if you can find them) for just under $200. My price is $125. You can use the buy this  button below make sure you let me know which size you want.Please call if you have any questions.Free Shipping.

Clinics ,Seminars,Training  Creating quality jumping form has been one of my specialties.  In order to create a quality jump, you have to have proper flatwork.  Regardless of the discipline, conditioning and training of the equine athlete makes for a happier horse that can be the best it can be.  As an instructor I focus on creating quality through partnership;  proper basics of the rider and understanding of the horse.
  Individual Private Lesson    $200.00
  Semi- Private Lesson (2)    $175.00 per rider
  Group (4)                              $125.00 per rider
  Ground work                         $  75.00 per horse

Video Review   Mail a DVD, VHS tape, or  email a video clip from YouTube. The footage can be flat work , jumping , both ,horse showing ,a lesson, whatever you wish to send . Current photos of the horse standing up from either side and a front view too would be helpful. I will make an assessment of what you can do to improve you and your horse.  You can use this service to get an unbiased opinion on a horse purchase, a training issue, etc.  Your reply will be by telephone so be sure to include your contact number. This service is to be paid by check.   $75 per horse/rider  

Consulting   Buying, Selling, Breeding, Appraisals, Farm and Business planning: No matter what your need, when an unbiased opinion is wanted, my years of experience will be of value and assistance.
   fee by arrangement

Judging    USEF 'R' card in Hunter Breeding, Hunter, and Huntseat Equitation.I am just as happy to judge a local and/or unrated show as a recognized one.
   $500 per day + expenses


$45 per horse 




" Pile Up"  by  Elizabeth Vargas